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The following party is responsible as the originator and editor

The following party is responsible for the content pursuant to Section 5 of Telemediengesetz (German Telemedia Law)

Große Kreisstadt Riesa
Rathausplatz 1
01589 Riesa, Germany

represented by the Mayor Marco Müller

The City of Riesa administration is a corporation under public law.
VAT Reg. Number is DE 140 699 317 pursuant to Section 27 a of Umsatzsteuergesetz (VAT Tax Act).


1. The Content of Our Homepage

The City of Riesa is determined to provide high-quality information. However, it cannot
assume any guarantee for the information that it provides being up to date, correct, complete or of high quality.
All liability claims against the city shall be ruled out if related to material or immaterial
damage caused by using or not using the information offered or by using erroneous or
incomplete information provided that the city cannot be proven to have acted in an intentional or grossly negligent fashion.
Everything on this homepage is non-binding and subject to change without notice. The City of Riesa explicitly reserves to itself the right to change, supplement or delete parts of its homepage or the totality without making a separate announcement or to temporarily or permanently discontinue publishing.

2. Links

The city shall only be liable for direct or indirect links to external websites that are outside of the city’s area of responsibility in the event that it is aware of the content and it can technically prevent usage with a reasonable amount of effort in the event of illegal content.

The city herewith explicitly declares that no illegal content was discernible on the linked
websites when the link was set. The city does not have any influence on the current and future layout, content or authorship of the linked websites. This is the reason why it herewith explicitly distances itself from any content in any links set on its own homepage that may have been changed after setting the link. The party offering the homepage that it is linked to shall be solely liable for illegal, erroneous or incomplete content and in particular for damage arising from using or not using information offered in this fashion, not the party who only refers to the publication via links.

3. Copyright and Right to Designate

The city puts in its best efforts to respect the copyrights of the images, graphs and texts used in all publications, to use images, graphs and texts it creates itself or to use licence-free graphs and texts.

If external copyrights are disregarded, the city was not able to determine the copyright. In the event of said unintentional copyright infringement, it shall remove said object upon
notification or label it with the correct copyright. Please notify us under obm.pressestelle@riesa.de.

The copyright for published objects created by the city shall be with the author of the
websites. It is not permitted to copy or use these graphs or texts in other electronic or printed publications without the explicit consent of the author.

4. Data Protection

The user explicitly surrenders personal or commercial data (such as email addresses, names or addresses) on a voluntary basis. It is not permitted for third parties to use the contact data published in the imprint or comparable information such as postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses to send information not explicitly requested. We explicitly reserve ourselves the right to undertake legal steps against the sender of what are known as spam mail if this prohibition is violated.

You can find more information on data protection here.

5. The Legal Validity of the Disclaimer

This disclaimer shall be considered a component of the homepage that reference was made to this homepage from. Provided that parts or specific formulations in this text do not satisfy the requirements of the applicable legal situation, no longer satisfy it or not completely, the other parts of this document shall remain unaffected in their content and validity.

Important note

There is no access for electronically signed or encoded electronic documents. We herewith point out the fact that it is not possible to submit procedural motions or written pleadings in a legally valid fashion to the City of Riesa via this means of communication (in particular via email). If your message should contain written pleadings, it should be sent as a signed pdf file or it is absolutely necessary to repeat the transmission with a signed fax or by mail.

Concepting and Layout

city marketing
Tino Roßberg

Technical Implementing

CTH Riesa GmbH
GF Dipl.-Inf. Thomas Höfig
Brückenstraße 8
01587 Riesa

fon (0 35 25) 51 31 0
fax (0 35 25) 51 31 11


The city would like to thank the following photographers or agencies for providing picture
material: www.pixelio.de, www.photocase.com, www.adpic.de, Guido Tom Kahle, Mike Lorenz, Dieter Nötzold, Jana Judisch, Landkreis Riesa-Großenhain, Fotostudio Schröter, Christian Fischer, Sprungbrett e.V., Gerhard Mehnert, Helmut Neumann, Ronny Rozum, Rainer Fleck, Adelheid Wessel, Dirk Gerhold, Tobias Heyn, Thomas Rink, Peter Kämer, Falko Müller