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Welcome in Riesa.
Aspects. Of Riesa. picture gallery Enjoy our picture gallery with different aspects of Riesa. [gallery]
Sightseeing. In Riesa. Sightseeing. In Riesa. Convent, Museum, Pasta Fabric, Animal Park,... [more]
Leisure Time. In Riesa? Leisure Time. In Riesa. Boredom is practically unknown in Riesa. [more]
Enjoy life. In Riesa.
Riesa is a great place to live and experience life. Get the Riesa experience right after your arrival at the train station, while reading at the municipal library, during a concert at the SACHSENarena or a walk along the Elbe river. Riesa is throbbing with life. If you keep your eyes open while walking through the city, you will notice how much Riesa has developed in the last few years. You will find all kinds of goods and services; cafés and little secluded pubs are teeming with life. There are all kinds of recreation and relaxation – just take advantage of the myriad possibilities. Riesa will dazzle and charm you.

It feels good. In Riesa.

By the way, have you ever wondered how the holes got into the macaroni? Well, you can
witness this marvel live at Teigwaren Riesa. Are interested in musical entertainment? Just take a stroll to Stern City Concert Hall or the SACHSENarena. There’s no doubt about it. There is something to suit everybody’s tastes in Riesa. Our philosophy is: live and experience life.