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Welcome in Riesa.
Aspects. Of Riesa. picture gallery Enjoy our picture gallery with different aspects of Riesa. [gallery]
Sightseeing. In Riesa. Sightseeing. In Riesa. Convent, Museum, Pasta Fabric, Animal Park,... [more]
Leisure Time. In Riesa? Leisure Time. In Riesa. Boredom is practically unknown in Riesa. [more]
Leisure time. In Riesa. | © Ben Kempe | PIXELIO | pixelio.de
Riesa offers a lot of different ways to enjoy your leisure time: parties, cinema, literature, museums, excellent restaurants and all genres of music events without forgetting the impact of sports and exercise. On top of it all, there is the enjoyment of the countryside around the Elbe river. All your choices are good and boredom is practically unknown in Riesa.