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Cultural venues. In Riesa.

ART cultural workshop

The ART cultural workshop is a cross-generational art and cultural facility of Kulturschleuder e. V. (a registered association) in Riesa. Children, young people and adults can let their imagination and creativity go wild with pottering, silk screen printing or in our photo lab. But visitors don’t have to be artistic or creative; they can also surf in internet, use graphics software to design flyers and posters while producing their own films with digital video equipment. There is also a café with tea-lovers’ evenings, readings and musical soirees. The event room is a appropriate for seminars and workshops in theatre, music and circus. Finally, the transforming stage provides a platform for a wide variety of artistic presentations.

Stern City Concert Hall

The Stern City Concert Hall is right in the heart of Old Riesa. It is another important event
venue in Riesa. Dance balls, talks on various subjects, readings attended by several hundred visitors and small and medium-sized concerts take place here the entire year. The enchantment of modern ideas rooted in tradition is what creates the unique flair of the Stern City Concert Hall. Musicals, concerts with German singers Helene Fischer or Udo Lindenberg, cabaret with local stars, such as Olaf Böhme and Tom Pauls, fascinating slide shows with accompanying talks or the annual ball are just a few of the events staged here. There is no limit to the diversity of entertainment available here. You can either visit the events in the large hall or use the small hall for your own festivities.

The Riesa Municipal Gallery

The Riesa Municipal Gallery offers a platform for regional professional and autodidactic artists and schools (including people from outside the region) to exhibit their works. After moving several times, the Municipal Gallery now has moved into its new home: the refurbished and redesigned building at Poppitzer Platz that also is home to the Municipal Library and Local History Museum. They also host and organize exhibitions of various genres of great interest to people in Riesa and its guests, some in co-operation with the Municipal Library and Local History Museum.

Opening hours
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Tu till Fr 13.00 – 18.00 Uhr