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Once upon the time...In Riesa

1990 to the present day


first democratic election to the city council in Riesa since 1949
1990-1995 the premises of the steel mill were refurbished and resettled
1992 Rostocker Strasse is built and opened up for traffic, creation of the Hauptstrasse pedestrian boulevard


the Riesa-Park shopping centre was opened
1994 Riesa is becomes County Seat the Puschkintorpassage and Albert Schweitzer senior citizens’ home are opene
1995 – 1996
opening the Olympia Health, Athletics and Recreation Centre and the bobsledding training facility (“Rollbobstartanlage”) in the Pausitzer Delle


1997 track and field athletic stadiums dedicated in the Pausitzer Delle, opening the Am Technikum kindergarten and Trinity Children’s House, including the redesigned Stern City Concert Hal


construction for the new Riesa Bridge across the Elbe river begins and reopening of the inside swimming pool after reconstruction


opening of the Elbgalerie, dedication of the SachsenARENA on the occasion of the Saxon Celebration Day, the design ensemble of the Riesenhügel opened with restaurant and floor show, the sculpture of the spring of the Elbe river unveiled, new harbour bridge, the Sumo World Championships in the SachsenARENA and the new Municipal Old People’s Nursing Care Home opened


the new four-lane bridge on the Elba Elbe river and the first subsection of the local B 169 Federal Highway were opened up to the public dedicating the 10 meter-high diving platform in the inside swimming pool


Name change of the SachsenARENA to erdgas arena Muhammad Ali came to Riesa the catastrophic flood in Riesa the Women’s Volleyball World Championships and short-lap European Championships in swimming in the erdgas arena


dedicating the reconstructed eastern wing of the convent with the largest aquarium of fish from the Elbe river between Prague and Hamburg the House and Garden Fair takes place for the first time with 114 exhibitors European Sumo Wrestling Championships


opening the new city archive
opening the new Old People’s Nursing Care Home in the Rudolf-Breitscheid-Strasse
guild tree unveiled on the Rathausplatz
Opening of the new job centre
172 Sumotori participate in the Sumo World Championships in the erdgas arena


opening up the first roundabout to the public in the Weida borough of Riesa
the sewage plant of the City of Riesa was completely refurbished
BuS Elektronik starts a new production plant


beginning the reconstruction of the local history museum at Poppitzer Platz
110 Sumotori participate in the Sumo European Championships
dedicating the refurbished Vocational School
the Heidebergstrasse is completely rebuilt and opened up for the public


the refurbished church in the Weida borough of Riesa is festively consecrated
Riesa’s 888th birthday is festively celebrated
opening the new seminar building of the Management Akademie (MARie)
the refurbished and partially reconstructed Athletic Centre Grammar School opened to the public
dedicating the refurbished vaulted cellar below the northern wing of the convent
festive celebration with Georg Milbradt, the Prime Minister of Saxony, on the occasion of Riesa’s 888th birthday
dedicating the new home of the Local History Museum and Municipal Library am Poppitzer Platz