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Instructions for using the electronic guestbook.

Thank you for using our guestbook. What you say and think about Riesa communicates to
other visitors, the inhabitants of Riesa or the staff at the Municipal Administration. Please do not forget that the guestbook is not an online discussions forum(!).

Please follow these rules and instructions for the guestbook

You are using the guest book. As such, you are not allowed to store illegal content in the guestbook or to disseminate it via the guestbook. This includes information that violates criminal law, legal protection for children and young adults, the provisions of competition laws, copyright laws, the applicable laws on brand name and the rights to the use of names and in particular laws that protect the right of personality and/or information that depicts tortious actions.

You oblige yourself to comply with the rules of netiquette (the morals and customs that have become established over time in "de." news groups). In particular, you may not disseminate or make any content available and/or include it via links or frames that contains harmful components such as viruses or has not been checked for the existence of said components by appropriate means. You may not disseminate any advertising or mass mailings (spamming or junk mailing) in the guestbook without being requested to do so or overload the network infrastructure in any other manner. Links to other websites are also not allowed. You may not use the guestbook for commercial purposes. Furthermore, you may not enter the same content several times or enter nonsense or absurd texts into the guestbook. Please remember that your comments should always refer to the topic of the guestbook. We will not edit the comments and information you store or present on the website. We will immediately remove nonsensical entries, commercial advertising or SPAM. The City of Riesa will delete comments from the guestbook that serve or might serve the purpose of disseminating propaganda for an unconstitutional organisation, comments that might arouse hatred towards certain sections of the population (stirring up hatred against national, ethnic, racial or religious groups) and those with content that endanger young persons, are right radical or pornographic or seriously violate the personality rights of third parties. We also reserve to ourselves the right to block the access of said persons to the guestbook and exclude them from using the guestbook. We appreciate your cooperation in the fact that the Municipal Administration generally reserves to itself the right to release your entry for publication in the guestbook. You will therefore be electronically asked to validate the identity of your message prior to its publication. Entries that especially violate the above rules for will not be approved to be published in the guestbook. Your mail address can only be seen by the webmaster responsible for monitoring the guestbook/in the Municipal Administration and will only be used to validate or to explicitly reply to a query to the responsible administrative body. We  would like to point out to you that the City of Riesa homepage is evaluated by various search engines and the content is also listed there. That automatically includes the entries in the guestbook so that they can be researched on the Internet at any time. The guestbook of the City of Riesa is also listed in various search engines.


The following applies to the guestbook for the general rules of liability for the homepage of the City of Riesa:
If the City of Riesa is responsible for damage that is caused you by using or not using the
information provided and/or using erroneous and incomplete information in the guestbook,
from illegal actions, due to impossibility, positive contract violation or default, it shall only be responsible to the extent that an employee of the administration or a vicarious agent (the webmaster) is culpable of intentional or grossly negligent behaviour or a violation of essential cardinal obligations.
The City of Riesa explicitly reserves to itself the right to claims of legal prosecution and compensation for damage against persons who misuse the guestbook or use it in an illegal fashion, who do not comply with their responsibilities and who are responsible for these violations.
You oblige yourself to indemnify the City of Riesa from all claims of third parties asserted
due to your comments.


Please read the following instructions in addition to the general instructions on copyrights:
Please remember that the City of Riesa has all of the rights of use and rights of exploitation of
the layout and presentation of the guestbook – with the exception of the comments of the
persons using it. When you enter something into our guestbook, you consent to your entry
being made public on the homepage of the City of Riesa.

We need your help!

We are interested in complying with the explicit etiquette of guestbooks and the basic rules of "netiquette" – and you can help us.
Please notify us if you find any unlawful or objectionable content. Write your comment in the guestbook or notify us under obm.pressestelle@riesa.de. Many thanks for your support.