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Professional sport. In Riesa. | © Fotostudio Schröter
Great athletics such as Harald Czudaj and Thomas Florschütz (both bobsledding), Marc Huster (weight-lifting), Jens Kruppa (swimming), Heiko Meyer and Christin Steuer (both diving) have put Riesa on the map throughout the world at the Olympic Games and world championships or they are now playing at various venues around the world. The athletic acrobats are the nation’s best and they represent Germany at the European Championships and World Championships. Riesa’s bowlers and judoka are successful beyond regional borders just like our dragon boat athletics and cheerleaders. By the way, aerobics and handball are among the future hopefuls.
Professional sport.
The path to international success starts in early years, which is why high-performance sport meshes closely with up-and-coming high-performance athletics. Young athletes have excellent opportunities to combine training and athletic careers with athletic concentrations at Riesa’s Am Sportzentrum Grammar School, the municipal secondary schools and the dormitory of SC Riesa. The athletic equipment and medical care are on a high level while the athletic clubs, City of Riesa and its companies and the companies in Riesa provide excellent support to athletes in their educational and vocational development.