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Sportzentrum Pausitzer Delle

Double-lane speed track ("Rollbob-Doppelstarterbahn")

The double-lane speed track was opened in 1996 and is the only double-lane speed track of this type in the world. Being a replica of an original icy track, it facilitates training method evaluations and summer competitions. The lighted track is a total of 65 m long with a maximum slope of 12 % and it has a starting house to keep the bob sleds in along with the measuring equipment. It is the summer training camp for preparing the Riesa Bob Race Club for winter and the international world’s best bobsledding with the traditional start-up competition. The Jamaican national team has already been on location to prepare for the 1998 Olympic Games under the direction of coach Gerd Leopold. The track is also used by the track and field athletic department of SC Riesa because the track has all of the training facilities which are required.