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Welcome in Riesa.
Aspects. Of Riesa. picture gallery Enjoy our picture gallery with different aspects of Riesa. [gallery]
Sightseeing. In Riesa. Sightseeing. In Riesa. Convent, Museum, Noodle Center, Animal Park,... [more]
Our Partner Cities. Partner Cities. Of Riesa. We are proud to present our partner cities to you. [more]
One for all. In Riesa.

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For all questions concerning the EU Service Directive, please contact our members of staff. They will assist you.
fon +49 (35 25) 70 02 50
fax +49 (35 25) 70 02 99

In order to ease administrative work you can use the website www.Amt24.de. This online portal is being updated on a regular basis and offers a wide range of information on administrative bodies.
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